16 Popular Pizza Chains, Ranked Worst To Best

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Can’t decide where to go to get pizza but really want to? Our full guide ranks the 16 most popular pizza chains from worst to best so you can make the best choice for your next pizza night.

We have what you need, whether you want something quick and cheap or something with gourmet tastes and high-quality ingredients. We’ll talk about the pros and cons of each pizza chain, from national favorites like Pizza Hut and Domino’s to local favorites like Marco’s Pizza and Papa Gino’s, to help you find the best slice.

We’re going to look at all the different kinds of pizza across the country and tell you which ones are worth your time and money.

The Chuck E. Cheese’s

Even though Chuck E. Cheese’s is mostly known for its video games and kid-friendly entertainment, it also serves pizza. But it usually ranks lower among pizza chains because it focuses more on family fun than on making fancy pizza.

People often say that the pizza is too greasy and doesn’t have enough taste compared to other places. Although it might be good for kids’ parties, it’s not really up there with pizza when it comes to quality.

The Little Caesars

Little Caesars is known for being cheap and easy to use. Its “Hot-N-Ready” pizzas can be picked up quickly without having to order them ahead of time. Speed and cost-effectiveness, on the other hand, tend to make the standard worse.

The crust might be a bit tough, and the toppings might not be as fresh or tasty as those at better stores. It works as a cheap choice, but it’s not very good in terms of taste or overall experience.

Pizza Hut

With the slogan “Better Ingredients, Better Pizza,” Papa John’s became very famous. But in recent years, it has been in trouble because of its founder and people have said that its pizza lacks quality.

Some people like the slightly sweet sauce and lots of cheese, but others think the crust is bland and lacks taste. Papa John’s often ranks lower than other major pizza shops because the quality and taste of its pizza varies from location to location, even though the company works to improve the ingredients it uses.

The Sbarro

You can often find Sbarro in food courts and malls. They serve New York-style pizza by the piece or the whole pie. People can get pizza from this place quickly and easily, but the quality of the pizza changes a lot.

Some places may serve newly baked pies with good flavor, while others may serve reheated slices that don’t taste or look fresh. It stays in business thanks to its handy locations and wide range of toppings, but its pizza isn’t as good as pizza from stand-alone pizzerias.

Pizza Hut

In the past few years, Domino’s has made a lot of changes for the better, especially with its bread and sauce. Many customers find it easy to use because they can order online and have their food delivered.

16 Popular Pizza Chains, Ranked Worst To Best

Domino’s may be the easiest and fastest pizza chain to use, but its pizza doesn’t always taste as good as pizza from other companies. The crust might be highly processed, and the toppings might not be fresh enough, making the pizza experience average all around.

The Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut is one of the most well-known pizza chains in the world, and its many pizza types and crusts make it stand out. Many people like going there because it makes them feel nostalgic, but the pizza quality often falls short of what they expect. The crust might be too thick and doughy, and the toppings might not taste fresh or have enough flavor.

Pizza Hut tries to be different by adding new items to its menu, like stuffed crust pizza, but it has a hard time competing with smaller, more craft pizzerias when it comes to taste and quality.

The Pizza Place

CiCi’s Pizza is a cheap buffet place where you can eat as much pizza, pasta, salad, and dessert as you want. This place is good for families and groups because it’s affordable, but the pizza quality isn’t always good. Some kinds might be too greasy or tasteless, while others might be more fun. That being said, CiCi’s Pizza is more about number than quality, which makes it a good choice for people who want an affordable, all-you-can-eat meal.

The Papa Murphy’s

Papa Murphy’s stands out because it sells “take-and-bake” pies, which let customers bake their pizzas at home. This idea guarantees a hot and fresh pizza experience, but the quality can change based on how it’s made.

Some customers like how easy it is to order and how they can customize their pizzas, while others think the pizzas are just okay in terms of taste and quality. People who want a fresh, customizable pizza without the work of making it from scratch like Papa Murphy’s.

Pizza at the Round Table

There is a pizza called “Montague’s All Meat Marvel” that Round Table Pizza is famous for. It has gourmet pies with high-quality toppings. It’s better than many chain pizzerias when it comes to food quality, but it might not be up to the standards of smaller, independent pizzerias.

Many people like the texture and flavor of the crust, but some think the overall taste isn’t as good as at more real pizza places. Round Table Pizza is good for people who want a slightly fancier pizza experience without going too far into fine eating.

Fire Up Pizza

Blaze Pizza sticks out because it is a fast-casual restaurant where customers can make their own pizzas with fresh ingredients. The pizzas are then put in an oven that is very hot so they can be done quickly and crispy.

It’s more personalized and artisanal than standard chain pizzerias, but some people might not like the limited flavor choices or the thin crust. There are, however, better pizza chains that don’t put as much stress on quality ingredients and customization options.

Pizza MOD

MOD Pizza is a fast-casual restaurant like Blaze Pizza, and customers can make their own pizzas with a range of toppings for no extra cost. After that, the pizzas are cooked quickly and crispily in an oven that is very hot.

When it comes to fresh, high-quality products and unique options like gluten-free crust and dairy-free cheese, MOD Pizza stands out. It might not be able to compete with authentic Italian pizzerias, but it does better than most chain pizza places because it focuses on quality and tailoring.

Pizza Hut in California

California Pizza Kitchen has a large menu with a lot of different pizzas that are inspired by Californian food. It’s different from other chain pizzerias because of the way its tastes and fresh ingredients are mixed.

Customers like how creative and well-made the pizzas are, even though they may be more expensive than other pizza shops. From Thai Chicken to BBQ Chicken, California Pizza Kitchen has a dish for every taste. Its creative cooking and wide range of flavors have earned it a higher place among pizza chains.

Pizza by Marco

Marco’s Pizza stands out because it uses only real Italian ingredients and old-fashioned pizza-making methods. It uses only the best products, like vine-ripened tomatoes and 100% real cheeses, and makes its dough from scratch every day.

Marco’s Pizza is praised for its great taste and quality, even though it may not be as well known across the country as bigger brands. Its pizzas are a favorite among pizza lovers because they have a tasty base, lots of toppings, and just the right amount of sauce and cheese.

Pizza Jet’s

Jet’s is famous for its deep-dish square pizzas with sides that are crispy and caramelized. The texture and taste of its Detroit-style pizza are different from those of regular round pizzas. Jet’s Pizza uses high-quality products and lots of toppings to make sure you have a satisfying meal.

Customers like that every pizza is made the same way and with more care than pizzas from other chains, even though the menu isn’t as big. Jet’s Pizza is one of the best pizza chains because it is dedicated to quality and has a unique deep-dish style.

The Uno Grill and Pizzeria

Uno Pizzeria & Grill is famous for its deep-dish pizza, which has a thick crust, lots of toppings, and layers of cheese and sauce. It is based in Chicago. You can get rich and decadent food there on its deep-dish pizzas, like the Chicago Classic and the Farmer’s Market.

Uno is one of the best pizza chains because it uses only the best products and makes pizza the old-fashioned way. Even though Uno Pizzeria & Grill isn’t as well known as some bigger chains, its true Chicago-style deep-dish pizza makes it stand out.

Papa Gino’s Pizza

Papa Gino’s is the best pizza chain because it uses only the best products, makes pizzas the old-fashioned way, and makes sure the flavors are always the same. Papa Gino’s is a pizza place with roots in New England that serves a range of pizzas, from the basic cheese pizza to unique creations like the “Rustic Pizza.”

Customers and reviewers alike love its pizzas because they have a tasty crust, fresh toppings, and just the right amount of sauce and cheese. Because of its great taste and high quality, Papa Gino’s is the best choice for pizza lovers.


Which pizza place has the best deep-dish pizza?

The true Chicago-style deep-dish pizza at Uno Pizzeria & Grill stands out. It has a thick crust, lots of toppings, and layers of cheese and sauce.
Is there a pizza company that focuses on quality ingredients and making things to order?

Yes, both Blaze Pizza and MOD Pizza are fast-casual restaurants where customers can make their own pizzas with fresh ingredients. This gives each customer a unique and authentic pizza experience.

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